Salient Technical Features



Concession Period

30 years (commencing at COD)

Design Discharge (Project)

1260 m3/sec

Rated Net Head

61.7 m

Gross Generation at Generator Terminals

3299 GWh

Net Generation

3265.81 GWh (net of auxiliary consumption)

Plant Factor

53.6 %

Power Purchaser

Central Power Purchasing Agency Guarantee Limited



Dam Crest Level

535 m.a.s.l

Crest El. of overflow section

526 m.a.s.l

River Bed level at Dam

450 m.a.s.l

Maximum Reservoir Level at Dam (PMF)

535 m.a.s.l

Maximum flood (PMF)

35,650 m3/sec

Spillway Gates – type

7 nos radial with overspill capacity

Spillway Gates - size

Width 14m x Height 20m

Low level Outlet Gates –type

2 No. radial gates

Low level Outlet Gates –size

Width 6.75m x Height 8m

Roller Bucket Energy Dissipator - invert level

450 m.a.s.l



Four (04) Tunnels-Overall Lengths


Design discharge (Unit)

315 m3/sec

Headrace / Penstock Diameter




Tunnel length

400 & 495 m

Tunnel width

12.5 m

Tunnel height

14 m




Surface loading bay building, underground machine hall. The main transformer is located on the surface near powerhouse entrance.

Surface building (length x width)

40m x 20m

Surface building cranage

1 x OET

Crane capacity

275/25/5 tonnes

Machine Hall (length x width)

170m x 20m

Machine Hall cranage

2 x OET

Crane Capacity

275/25/5 tonnes

Turbine generators installed

4 No.

Type of Turbine, power (each)

Francis, 175.175 MW


111.1 rpm

Discharge max, min (per turbine)

315m3/s, 189 m3/sec

Generator Transformers

Single phase, 12 No.



Tunnel U1

Length 150m. Cross section 8.5m x 9.5m; U shaped

Tunnel U2

Length 184m. Cross section 8.5m x 9.5m; U shaped

Tunnel U3

Length 211 m; Cross Section 9.5 m x 10.5 m; U shaped

Tunnel U4

Length 238 m; Cross Section 9.5 m x 10.5 m; U shaped

Tunnel Discharge Capacity

315 m3/sec

Maximum Tailwater Level with 4 units in operation at rated discharge

461.76 m.a.s.l.

Maximum Tailwater Level with one unit in operation at rated discharge

461.08 m.a.s.l.

Maximum Tailwater Level (PMF)

503 m.a.s.l.



Full Supply Level

526 m.a.s.l.

Reservoir Length

~22 km

Reservoir Area

3.8 km2

Note:All of the above data is based on the Project Feasibility Stage design and the Optimized Feasibility Design as approved by POE of PPIB.

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