Hydrology & Power

The Jhelum River is the major eastern tributary of the Indus River Basin and has a catchment area of about 6,000 square kilometers of alluvial lands in the Kashmir Valley and glaciers located in the north of the catchment.

A robust and reliable hydrological record spanning close to a century, provides a sound and reliable basis for estimation of annual hydrology. Live storage of 14.3 million cubic meter allows four (4) hour daily peaking thus adding value to the generation.

The mean monthly flows at Azad Pattan Site, based on the study of 1970 – 2014 hydrological data, is shown below:

The energy estimation based on the established hydrology provides a high degree of assurance to the power purchaser as basis for the capacity payment.

Optimized plant capacity of 700.7 MW; based on 4 Francis turbine-generating units of 175.17MW each. The plant will generate some 3265.81GWh electricity per annum at a plant factor of some 53.6% based on established hydrology in a run-of-river mode.

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